If you keep reading though this section you will see, Titles and a description of what we offer. I hope that we provide what you are looking for but if not then give us a call, just because it is not on this page does not mean that we cannot help you.

Who are we

We are a family run business that pride ourselves on delivering work to a high standard. Individuals in our team bring years of experience to ensure the provision of high - quality work. 

Meet the Directors

  • Left, David - son (Director & General manager of Elsey facilities management)
  • Centre, Anthony – father (Chief Executive Officer of Elsey family Group) 
  • Right, Mark - Son (Director of Finance for the whole Group)

What we offer

We offer a wide range of services.

Internal Cleaning

Grounds Maintenance

Solar Panel Cleaning & Bird Guarding


Window Cleaning

Jet Washing

Sign Erecting

Property Services

Why choose us

Why Choose us? I could say because we are the best, but everyone says that. The truth is we are a small family business who must deliver the best service possible so that you not only come back for more but recommend us to everyone you know. 

We all know the best form of advertising is by word of mouth, not only it is free, which for a small business like us is a bonus. Being ex army forces I have always been told to give 100%, I hope this has passed onto my 2 sons and that carries on and is shown though the work we deliver.

Our clients

And their thoughts on us...

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